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Arosha Aesthetic Science is an innovative treatment that delivers spectacular results without a scalpel and recovery period! It SHAPES, SLIMS and FIRMS your body. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the active ingredients in the patented bandages.

The Arosha wraps use prepacked disposable bandages for optimum hygiene, with each bandage being carefully soaked with quality ingredients to help cellulite reduction, toning, moisturizing and water retention. We have a variety of bandages on offer to meet the needs of our clients, this enables us to tailor a specific solution for you.

The types of wraps we offer are as follows:​

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It is specifically created to reduce oedematous cellulite. Its unique combination of active ingredients work in synergy to fight the initial causes of cellulite formation such as dilation of blood vessels and interstitial fluid retention.


This kit was created to solve issues related to the most advanced stages of fibrous cellulite. The various components of the adipocel kit prevent the growth of adipocytes and the formation of collagen fibres that are responsible for the appearance of cellulite nodules.


Kit specifically created for firming and moisturizing treatments.

The mix of components works in synergy to promote the creation of new elastic fibres while eliminating toxins. It also helps in activating blood circulation and renewing the skin’s elasticity; it’s ideal for stretch marks.



This kit was developed especially for the most delicate part of a woman’s body – breast neckline.

Due to the natural process of ageing, breasts begin to lose their initial firmness and fullness. The innovative and efficient formulations enriched with extracts from seaweed ulva lactuca (aosa), kygelia africana, organic silicon and aloe vera help to firm, tone and smooth — promoting a firmer bust shape where breasts appear higher on the bust line. Results improve with continued use.



Pressotherapy is a method used in treating lymphatic and cardiovascular systems as well as in aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy and body care. During the treatment,aspecial cuffs with empty chambers are applied which are slowly filled with air.


The air is injected to the chambers in a strictly controlled manner using a compressor that the device is equipped with, and it applies pressure to particular parts of the body pushing blood and lymph to the nearest lymph nodes. Firstly, the chambers around ankles are filled, then calves and then the filling continues upwards.


This type of mechanic drainage enables thorough detoxification and removal of excess water from the body.

Pressotherapy - recommendations

Pressotherapy is recommended for:

  • lymphatic and venous oedema,

  • postoperative oedema (e.g. after mastectomy),

  • post-traumatic oedema,

  • cellulite,

  • obesity,

  • chronic muscular neuralgia,

  • neurological diseases (e.g. limb paralysis),

  • postnatal period,

  • stimulating blood and lymph backflow,

  • water retention – especially for people with “tired legs” effect,

  • improving skin nourishment and elasticity,

  • preventing thrombosis for bed-ridden people.

Presotherapy - contraindications



People with the following conditions should refrain from having pressotherapy:


  • heart conditions, circulatory insufficiency, haematological diseases and tendency for haemorrhages,

  • pacemaker, metal prosthesis,

  • epilepsy and psychosomatic disorders,

  • cancer,

  • endocrine diseases,

  • respiratory, liver or kidney failure,

  • active viral, bacterial or fungal infections

Contraindications and Homecare Advice:

  • Completion of any waxing treatments should take place 24 hours before or after body wraps.

  • The client should increase their water intake, and be aiming for 2 litres per day. This will help the body to flush out any toxins and prevent it from retaining water unnecessarily.

  • For best results dry body brushing and moisturising should be completed daily.

  • After Cel Term 4: No sunbathing/sunbeds/sauna/Jacuzzi/swimming for 2 hours after the body wrap.

A minimum of 8 sessions is recommended, twice a week, with each session lasting between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Slimming Treatments are only available to individuals 18 and over.


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Treatment Costs:

  • 1 Session with Pressotherapy £80 / + Dermomassage £100 for around 2 hours of treatment

  • 4 Sessions with Pressotherapy £280 / + Dermomassage  £360

  • 8 Sessions with Pressotherapy £520 / + Dermomassage £640