What is Lipolityc, and why should I have it?
It’s the most efficient product to use on the most problematic areas! It also has a gently warming effect
A cosmetic formula with DRONE TM Technology which effectively reduces localised fat tissue and shapes waist and thighs.
Its active ingredient is enclosed in a capsule made of biodegradable and biologically compatible material, which is similar to a drone looking for a target (fat cells in this case) and focuses its activity on it.

It owes its effectiveness to a symbiosis of a slimming effect and a thermoactive ingredient – VBE, which speeds up the basic tissue metabolism and activates microcirculation.
Visible results: fat burning mostly in the waist and thighs which will significantly reduce the amount of fat tissue; speeding up the basic tissue metabolism and activating microcirculation.
How to use it??
Apply gently only in the required area. You might feel warmth and itching for a while.

AROSHA LIPOLYTIC BOOST - 4 body patch + lipolytic cream 50ml