Thanks to the unique composition of Dermofibra® fibres, the Arosha leggings do not require any additional active substances. Their anti-cellulite and shaping properties are activated by body warmth! The leggings are easy to wear and comfortable throughout the entire day. A special weave of the fabric gives a feeling of a micromassage. They don’t lose their properties – even after washing. Special weaved-in pure 99.9% silver fibres – Resistex Silver have antibacterial effect. Dermofibra® is a polyester fibre connected by nanotechnology with organic crystals: aluminium, silicone, titanium, magnesium and zinc.

The leggings help to eliminate cellulite, improve skin tightness, give a push-up effect for buttocks, slim your waist, thighs and hips. They also improve microcirculation and instantly prevent water retention.

Product specifications

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