An effective solution which improves firmness, elasticity, texture, hydration and appearance of the
skin. Its main active ingredients are collagen and elastin which aid the stimulation of fibroblast
activity and the synthesis of collagen in order to help strengthen the cells in the deeper layers of the

Collagen 0.5% – a fibrous protein and one of the main components of the dermis. When applied on
the skin, it helps to achieve moisture and smoothness.
Elastin 3% – a natural protein found in the skin and tissue of the body that helps to keep the skin
flexible and tight. Elastin’s anti-ageing molecules allow the skin to rebuild its natural elastic tissues
and regain more youthful appearance.
DMAE 0.5% – a nutrient that stimulates production of own body’s natural collagen, extending the life of cells and inhibiting the cross-linking of proteins, which gives the skin firm appearance and prevents from sagging. Centella Asiatica 2% – also known as Gotu Kola is an herbaceous plant well known for its activity of stimulating collagen biosynthesis, modulating the metabolism of connective tissue and thus, promoting the physiological skin repair. It also exerts a protective effect on blood microcirculation improving the body’s drainage system.