Thanks to the unique composition of Dermofibra® fibres, the Arosha leggings do not require any additional active substances. Their anti-cellulite and shaping properties are activated by body warmth! The leggings are easy to wear and comfortable throughout the entire day. A special weave of the fabric gives a feeling of a micromassage. They don’t lose their properties – even after washing. Special weaved-in pure 99.9% silver fibres – Resistex Silver have antibacterial effect. Dermofibra® is a polyester fibre connected by nanotechnology with organic crystals: aluminium, silicone, titanium, magnesium and zinc.

The leggings help to eliminate cellulite, improve skin tightness, give a push-up effect for buttocks, slim your waist, thighs and hips.
They also improve microcirculation and instantly prevent water retention.

Works intensively on particular layers of the epidermis visibly improving the skin’s appearance, leaving it smooth, moisturised, bright and with even tone. Recommended for women going through menopause with peeling and dry skin which needs continuous moisturising as well as for pregnant and breastfeeding women as nourishing treatment.

Activity: Reconstructs the layers of the epidermis, moisturises, smooths and evens out the tone.


Volume: 200ml Directions: Apply on dry and cleansed skin massaging vigorously until fully absorbed.

Active ingredients: Glycolic acid, Sweet almond oil, Oat extract, Shea butter, Calendula

Product specifications SKIN TYPE: Mixed, Vascular Skin, Normal, Dry

RECOMMENDATIONS Psoriasis, Pruritus / Keratosis, Dryness, nourishing

AGE Under 25. Over 25

Product specifications RECOMMENDATION Cellulite / Slimming Related products